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November 14, 2016

Jerry Jones says Tony Romo will back up Dak Prescott starting next week

After another half-season’s worth of bad press, the NFL actually had a compelling and fairly well-played slate of games yesterday. Unfortunately for Eagles fans, the best game of the day was a back-and-forth Dallas Cowboys victory in Pittsburgh. Here is the Steelers defense parting like Red Sea and Ezekiel Elliott waltzing in for the game-winning touchdown:

Doug Pederson’s late-game meltdown at Jerry World a few weeks ago is proving costly, because the Cowboys seem to be running away with the division and conference. While that is bad news for Eagles fans, it might be even worse for Tony Romo.

Dak Prescott was excellent yet again in Pittsburgh, going 22-32 for 319 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. And according to Jerry Jones, one of the only owners who talks about personnel in-depth every week, Prescott is the man moving forward:

"We're going to let this decision in this case make itself. Dak's got a hot hand and we're going to go with it."

"It's not hard at all. Tony would make the same decision. That's what you do."

Starting next week against the Baltimore Ravens, Romo will be active for the first time since the preseason. But he’ll be Prescott’s backup, a development nobody would’ve predicted before the season.

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