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August 01, 2019

People who work these jobs face a higher risk of cancer

Business Insider compiled a list of blue and white collar jobs at the highest risk

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Nail salon workers face a higher cancer risk than some other occupations.

Business Insider has rounded up a list of the top 10 jobs that face the highest cancer risk, and it isn’t just blue color jobs as you’d expect — a number of white collar jobs make the list, too.

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Some of the not-so-surprising jobs with the highest cancer risk include construction works, agriculture workers, rubber manufacturers and firefighters. People who work these jobs are exposed to a number of products and materials that aren’t entirely safe for humans. 

But also on the list are nail salon workers, which PhillyVoice has previously reported to be a concerning occupation after studies found that these workers face a 100 times higher risk of developing cancer. 

Morticians face a similar cancer risk due to the use of chemical-laden preservatives and formaldehyde, which can cause harm when inhaled, Business Insider reports.

Of course, people who work a desk job also make Business Insider’s list because multiple studies have found that sitting at a desk all day, virtually sedentary, can result in higher rates of cancer — even with some daily exercise. Business Insider adds that the American Cancer Society has reportedly also found a link between long periods of inactivity and cancer.

Check out Business Insider’s full list of jobs with the highest risk of cancer here, but don’t let the list scare you. All you can do is live your healthiest life.

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