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August 24, 2016

Josh Innes was the worst and I’m happy we (hopefully) never have to hear him on Philly airwaves again

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FORMER 94 WIP afternoon show host Josh Innes.

Listen, I get it. My opinions sometimes rub people the wrong way, and justifiably so on occasion.

Like Diner en Blanc attendees. And the Mummers marchers. And Villanova fans (though I ultimately saw the error of my way on that one thanks to Archidiacono-to-Jenkins at the last second of the NCAA championship game).

But only once has someone whose Twitter avi isn’t an egg suggested I run into traffic, which is a sore spot for me (complete with head scars!) since I almost died after a car smacked me into a coma back in 2008 and all.

That awesome diss arrived on March 30 courtesy of woefully under-talented sports-radio host Josh Innes. Granted, I didn’t hear it. Heck, when my phone blew up with people telling me to turn the radio on, I stuck to my mission of plugging the aux cord into the bottom of my iPhone and listening to music in lieu of the WIP afternoon show. 

Well, I don’t have to do that anymore. You see, management over at that fine station decided enough was enough for them as well. They canned Innes today, as you can read in an inspirational post by our Matt Mullin and Dan Craig.

They say the Irish hold grudges. Well, my middle name’s Patrick and I got some of the Emerald Isle in my bloodline.

So, yeah, today – Wednedsday, Aug. 24, 2016 – is a great, great day for Philadelphia, which will no longer be subjected to the type of radio shock jock who reveled in ignorance to the point that Howard Eskin seems like a polite handler of callers with whom he disagreed.

Sure, some sportsbros will rush to his defense. Whatever. He was, and they are, the worst Philadelphia – well, the burbs in the latter case – have to offer.

In conclusion, I’ll share a message with you – as I did with an unemployed radio guy who probably owes his career to a father who blazed his path – that I’ve patiently waited about five months to post.

My appreciation also goes out today to Diner en Blanc, Mummers and Nova Nation folks for realizing a disagreement over opinions doesn't warrant the suggestion that someone die. It shows you're decent people at the core, even if I'm not a fan of your occasional endeavors.

Righteousness always prevails. So, let's not make this same mistake again WIP, and don't you dare degrade yourselves by picking up WIP's sloppy seconds, other radio stations in town. Let's just move on together as one.