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July 25, 2016

Katie McGinty on Pat Toomey: 'He's an a--hole'

The United States Senate race in Pennsylvania has been a hotly contested affair so far, but some colorful language was added to the mix on Monday.

Democratic challenger Katie McGinty called Republican incumbent Pat Toomey an "a--hole" at a campaign stop in Philadelphia as she called for an increase in the federal minimum wage.

The comment was captured on video and posted on YouTube:

Later in the afternoon, the McGinty campaign issued an apology.

"I regret the language I used and apologize to Senator Toomey," McGinty said in a statement, according to The Morning Call. "Our campaign is about moving Pennsylvania forward and we're going to continue to talk about the issues that are important to Pennsylvania families."

Toomey accepted the apology on Twitter.

McGinty, who has never held an elected office, knocked off three other candidates to secure the Democratic nomination in April.

Meanwhile, Toomey is seeking a second term after taking office in 2011.

In June, Politico ranked Pennsylvania's seat as the fifth-most likely to change parties in the upcoming election.

Recent polls have shown the race between Toomey and McGinty to be neck-and-neck.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.