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February 06, 2023

Kelce brothers bring parents onto 'New Heights' podcast ahead of Super Bowl

Donna and Ed Kelce shed new light on raising their sons from childhood to NFL stardom

Less than a week remains before the Eagles and Chiefs meet in Super Bowl LVII, pitting brothers Jason and Travis Kelce against one another after a season of chumming it up together on their hit podcast "New Heights."

Last week, the brothers talked about their feelings heading into Sunday's game, including what it means to be the first siblings to compete in an NFL title game

In this week's episode, the brothers brought on parents Donna and Ed Kelce to give the world a closer look at their family life and what it was like growing up together in Cleveland Heights. It's a bit surreal to see just how much the Kelces' mannerisms and ways of talking mirror each other. There's also something endearing about Travis calling his mom "mommy" at 33 years old.

The interviews for this episode were done in two parts, starting with Donna Kelce. She addressed the petition going around to have her flip the coin before the start of the Super Bowl.

"There are so many legends and people that have their blood, sweat and tears on that field, and for a mom that's never played football, I don't think that's the right place for her to be," Donna said.

"I think you're discounting the moms of every legend who's ever played," Jason said.

Donna added that she would be concerned about being a distraction for her sons, but both of them insisted that her flipping a coin would not disrupt them.

Also in the episode, Jason recalled looking to his mom for an assist during a youth hockey game.

"(My cup) was rubbing me really bad, so I took it out in the middle of the game and threw it to you in the stands," Jason reminded his mom. "Because who doesn't throw their cup to their mom?"

The podcast gets into more serious subjects, including Donna and Ed Kelce's divorce after nearly 25 years together. They separated around the time the two brothers were entering the NFL.

"So why do you hate him?" Jason asked his mom about their father.

"We're friends. We get along great," Donna said. "Sometimes it's just, people move apart, that's all."

Ed Kelce said the Super Bowl matchup has taught him a lesson about his sons' fame.

"I have had a little taste of how your phones get blown up," Ed said.

Ed also put to rest the great debate about how to pronounce the name Kelce — with or without the long "e" sound at the end. The brothers got into a minor spat about this a few years ago, when Jason explained on SportsRadio 94WIP that his dad simply accepted the long "e" pronunciation because he got tired of correcting people at work. Technically, the long "e" isn't supposed to be there.

"Everybody at work did that and so I just said, 'Fine, screw this, we'll go with that,"' Ed confirmed.

When the final whistle is blown on Super Bowl Sunday, Ed said he plans to console the losing brother first.

"Somebody is going to feel pretty crummy, and I want to be with them initially," Ed said.

As far as the big picture is concerned, Ed couldn't be more thrilled and proud of his two sons.

"I have already won. I'm on the most popular sports podcast with my sons," Ed said. "I've already f***ing won."