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May 23, 2019

Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner reportedly are broken up

Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons and model-slash-reality television sister Kendall Jenner are apparently no longer together. 

This devastating news for Instagram models and superstitious Sixers fans alike marks the end of an era for Philly celeb sightings. No more theories about sexist "Kardashian curses" or Michael Rubin-approved good luck charms or petitions to ban the model from the Wells Fargo Center or date-night suggestions.

The couple allegedly started dating around November 2018, but didn't confirm anything until Jenner went on "Ellen" in March of last year to talk about it.

A source "close" to the model told People the couple are "on a break." 

“The relationship ran its course,” the People source said. “She’s spending time with her friends and back to being in fun mode.”

This news comes only a few days after we reported that Kendall wasn't ruling out the possibility of marriage with the 22-year-old basketballerJenner told Vogue Australia that marriage could happen for them "one day," but not anytime soon. It appears the end was closer than we thought. 

But during the interview, the reporter noted that Jenner was FaceTiming Simmons, then later streamed a 76ers game on her phone, and "cheekily" held up Simmons' GQ Australia March/April cover storySo, we know that the breakup had to have happened somewhat recently — but perhaps before that Vogue piece even was been published.

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Some sources are saying the couple broke up last week. Simmons was spotted partying solo with friends in Atlantic City when the Vogue article came out. And after some digging on social media, we found that one week ago Jenner posted the lyrics to a new song off of Tyler, The Creator's latest album "IGOR" called "I Don't Love You Anymore." 

Then, Philly paparazzo and #Bendall gossip expert HughE Dillon tweeted that out as proof of the ended relationship, and has therefore cemented this as factual evidence in the case of a breakup.

Jenner was spotted in Cannes on Thursday relaxing with a friend by the pool, looking unfazed and unbothered.

So that's that. RIP, #Bendall. 

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