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November 26, 2018

Sixers fans create dueling petitions about Kendall Jenner at the Wells Fargo Center

One is trying to ban her, the other wants her at every game (and eating cheesesteaks)

Philadelphia sports fans are known to get defensive about their players.

But the Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons situation has reached new heights this week. 

It all started with the Philadelphia 76ers' first home game loss on Friday — a terrible performance against the Cleveland Cavaliers that our Sixers' writer Kyle Neubeck just called "sleepwalking" — also happened to be the first game where Jenner was in attendance, right next to the home bench.

The defeat was the first home loss for Philly and the first road win for Cleveland of the season. Coincidental or just bad luck?

Like clockwork, Philly fans did what they do best and started a petition to ban Jenner from the Wells Fargo Center. By Monday evening, the petition already had more than 7, 900 signatures. 

"It is not a coincidence that the Sixers, who had started the season 10-0 at home, lost their first home game of the year the first time Jenner shows up," the petition reads. "To make matters worse, the Cavaliers were winless on the road heading into their Black Friday matchup with the Sixers."

"It was inexplicable and Jenner's detrimental behavior is clearly to blame. To make matters even worse than worse, Jimmy Butler left this embarrassing showing with an apparent knee injury. At this point, Jenner is not only damaging the future of this franchise but the livelihood of innocent men as well. It is disgusting behavior on her part," the petition continues.

But, as one kind-hearted fan pointed out, Simmons and Jenner (who reportedly split earlier this year) got back together on Nov. 3. Since then, the team is 9-4, and that's not half bad. 

So, just like that, a smaller (and less popular) petition was born, begging "Negadelphia" (negative Philadelphia?) to wait this one out. 

"The Sixers are 9-4 and are now 1.5 games out of 2nd place in the East. The numbers simply aren't bearing out a Kardashian curse," the pro-Jenner petition states. "Further, Kendall and Ben went out for a meal at Parc in Rittenhouse the next day. Given more time in our city, she'll soon be spotted at Dalessandro's mowing down on a steak or Reading Terminal Market crushing a roast pork sandwich at DiNic's (w/ sharp prov). Are we really prepared to give that up based on such a small sample size?"

And that is a good point. Jenner and Simmons were spotted at Parc on Saturday and she was at the winning game on Sunday against the Brooklyn Nets. 

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