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January 14, 2017

Kenney takes to Twitter to share his views on Rittenhouse 'no sitting' signs

Curious as to what Mayor Jim Kenney has to say about the new signs at Rittenhouse Square park?

You're in luck.

Kenney took to Twitter Saturday to comment on the new rule that began Thursday, banning park goers from sitting on the walls around the park because of "a recent uptick in on the historic balustrades, which received nearly $1 million in restoration work just a few years ago," according to the Department of Parks and Recreation

Some neighbors complained that the people sitting on the walls were smoking marijuana that helped lead to the ban that came from police and the Friends of Rittenhouse Square.

Kenney's followers responded pretty positively to his message.

Others opposed to the ban plan to take action later this week. A "Sittenhouse Lunch Time Sit-On" will happen Tuesday, while a "Toke Back the Wall" event is planned for Friday, President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration day.

"The ban on wall-sitting is a threat to the vibrancy, inclusiveness and diversity of Rittenhouse Square. Philadelphia’s public spaces should be open to all Philadelphians," The "Sittenhouse" event page reads. "Show your support of wall-sitting and inclusive public space at the #Sittenhouse Lunch Time Sit-On at noon, on Tuesday, January 17. Eat your lunch, look at your phone, makeout with someone, people watch, or do whatever you do to enjoy wall-sitting! It’s the people’s wall. The forecast is 50 and sunny, perfect for wall-sitting."