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June 01, 2017

Lame Mr. Met flips the bird, showing mascot inferiority to Phanatic

Mr. Met, the sad excuse for a mascot that represents New York's National League baseball team, flipped a fan the bird, and the person donning the costume that night will no longer portray the mascot.

The incident occurred after the Mets lost to the Milwaukee Brewers Wednesday night. Take a look:

The team's official statement said the matter was dealt with internally, but a Mets official told The Associated Press that the employee who did it no longer gets to be Mr. Met.

That hardly seems like a punishment, considering the Mets' idea of a mascot is just a guy with a baseball as a head. Get it, cause the Mets play baseball?

Anyway, Mr. Met's middle finger did give plenty of fodder to Phillies fans, who were quick to point out that the Phanatic is a superior mascot:

Then there's this reference to the recent Kathy Griffin controversy:

Twitter is weird.