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January 21, 2015

Learn to print in 3D at the Franklin Institute

Workshop provides an introduction to the new technology

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Franklin Institute Thom Carroll/for PhillyVoice

The Franklin Institute.

3D printing is the way of the future. The fledgling technology is already creating great things, like cat skulls for veterinary practitioners and prosthetic arms. Now, the Franklin Institute is offering an introduction to this mesmerizing new process.

Their 3D printing workshop Saturday, Jan. 24, is open to the public but recommended for ages 11 and up. The three hour session will show participants how to create simple forms on computer software to be printed out in three dimensions. It's a great way for those curious about how 3D printing works to see it in action.

Single participants will work solo, but groups or buddies who register together will work on the same computer to create one project.

Laptops will be available to use for the class, but it will cost an extra $20. Otherwise, you can bring your own and download the software you will be using before you attend the class. Admission to the museum is included in the class price. 

3D Printing Workshop: From Your Imagination To Your Own Unique Creation

Saturday, January 24
2-5 p.m. | $50 for the first participant, $30 per additional registrant
The Franklin Institute
271 N. 21 St.
(215) 448-1200