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December 24, 2018

Live MLB free agency news, updates, rumors: Phillies hope for Christmas miracle, Mike Trout back on radar

We here at PhillyVoice anticipate that there won't be any huge, earth-shattering news during Christmas as the Phillies continue to seek Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and other help building their roster for the upcoming 2019 season.

And while the Dodgers have made room for Harper via trade, and the Yankees may be Machado's favorite despite having more than twice as long a meeting in Philly, the holidays season gives us a chance to be optimistic before one or both of the other shoes drop.

There was news that suggested that Machado will be waiting for the new year to decide his new team, so if that report is correct it could be a few weeks minimum before hard news breaks on that front.

It also allows us to work in one more rumor. There is no way, after the 2020 season when he's a free agent, Mike Trout doesn't come to Philadelphia.

I mean, there's just no way. Right?

As we have every day since the 2018 hot stove opened, below is a live stream/open thread to keep you up to date with every rumor and piece of breaking news involving the MLB's continuing free agency:

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