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February 21, 2019

Phillies' Bryce Harper back up plan includes Dallas Keuchel, Craig Kimbrel

A few hours after we here at the PhillyVoice wrote about a potential theory for a course of action for the Phillies that did not involve signing Bryce Harper, but did involve making the team perhaps just as good this year, MLB insider Jon Heyman confirmed that Philadelphia's front office was thinking the same way we were:

Indeed, the free agency saga is still nowhere near ending for the Phillies, as they seem intent on spending more cash regardless — even as they prepare to play in their first spring training game Friday against the Rays.

Both Kimbrel and Keuchel would add veteran leadership and excellent pitching pedigree to the Phillies already improved line up. But reports make it seem like the pursuit of those and other free agents hasn't even begin yet as Harper continues to take all the oxygen this offseason.

Information continues to, pretty much, be recycled over and over again by those in the know. Here are the latest nuggets of information, all of which was known to the general baseball following public for the last few months:

So the same teams are involved who have been all along, offering the same amount of money we thought they would offer months ago, and even though Manny Machado has left the stage after inking a $300 million pact with San Diego, there really is no sign of things changing on the Harper front if no one is willing to leap to a $400 million contract offer.

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