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February 08, 2017

Map shows Pennsylvania's favorite rom-com in time for Valentine's Day

Think you can guess Pennsylvania's favorite romantic comedy? No, it's not "Sleepless in Seattle" or "Pretty in Pink."

Pennsylvanians instead sided with a very Philadelphia-centric pick. 

Just in time for Valentine's Day, recently published a map that shows the most popular romantic flick in each state after cross-referencing a curated list of rom-coms with data from Google trends to see what each region was researching the most.

Pennsylvania's top choice was "Silver Linings Playbook" – the 2012 film about a man trying to get his life together after losing his wife and job. Pat Solatano, played by Bradley Cooper (who was born in Philly), ends up living with his parents – who are obsessed with the Eagles – when he meets Tiffany, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who tries to help him piece everything back together.

Also, there's that famous scene in Jewelers Row that'll make you gush if you're into that kind of thing. 

"Silver Linings Playbook" was also Delaware's top pick while New Jerseyans favored "Along Came Polly."

Check out CableTV's complete map here