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November 08, 2016

McGinty campaign calls Toomey 'craven' for voting later in day

Democratic challenger says incumbent trying to avoid saying whether he supports Trump

Getting in one last parting shot on Election Day for dodging questions about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Katie McGinty's campaign criticized incumbent Pat Toomey for going to vote less than two hours before polls close in Pennsylvania.

Toomey's campaign said the senator would be voting at 6:45 p.m in his hometown of Zionsville

Toomey has repeatedly refused to say whether he supports Trump for president or whom he supports for president, although he has said he will not vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

In a statement, a  McGinty spokesperson said Toomey is intentionally trying to avoid telling his constituents whom he is voting for, labeling him as "officially the most craven and self-interested politician in the country.

“That is spineless and the exact opposite of leadership -- but not a surprise from Pat Toomey," said Josh Levitt, a spokesperson for McGinty's campaign. "All year, Pat Toomey has dodged and ducked questions on Donald Trump’s offensive candidacy, refusing to stand up to Donald Trump or be honest with his constituents solely in hopes of protecting his political future."

Toomey's campaign was not immediately available for comment.

The race between McGinty and Toomey has been tight and has been the most expensive Senate race ever. Democrats hope by unseating Toomey they can regain a majority in the chamber.

Correction: This article has been corrected to indicate that the statement came from McGinty spokesperson Josh Levvit, not McGinty herself.