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October 13, 2017

Michael Wilbon disses Philly fans for no reason during segment about Cleveland

Michael Wilbon Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Look at this guy.

You should not give an Eagles fan a 20-ounce dark roast coffee from Wawa, access to a computer and the ability to publish articles on a news website the morning after a big Birds win, because I am fired up right now and ready to drag everyone from opposing fans to media personalities all day.

Moving on from this violent dweeb, let's turn our attention to ESPN host Michael Wilbon, who, during "Pardon the Interruption" on Thursday, used a segment about the Cleveland Indians to randomly and unnecessarily diss Eagles fans.

After talking about Cleveland's fans and how gosh darn nice they are, he said this:

"Because the people don't act like jerks. Because it's not Philly, and they don't think it's their birthright to win, and they don't boo people when they get hurt. They don't behave like that..."

Unlike Colin Cowherd, I won't dissect why Wilbon is wrong. Instead, here's his Twitter handle: @RealMikeWilbon. Do with that what you will.