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January 20, 2020

Mob Talk: Did Frank Sheeran actually kill Jimmy Hoffa?

Retired FBI agent casts doubt on the account depicted in 'The Irishman'

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Mob Talk The Irishman Jimmy Hoffa Frank Sheeran Courtesy/Netflix

Did Frank Sheeran actually kill Jimmy Hoffa, as depicted by the Netflix film 'The Irishman.' The film, which features Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, has been nominated for 10 Oscars.

In the latest episode of Mob Talk Sitdown, Philly mob experts George Anastasia and Dave Schratwieser highlight the 10 Oscar nominations received by 'The Irishman,' the Netflix film about Frank Sheeran's relationship to Jimmy Hoffa.

Anastasia praises Joe Pesci's performance as Russell Buafalino as the movie's best. He has less love for Robert De Niro, whom he sees as playing the same character in every mob movie. 

The duo also plays a recording from an interview retired FBI agent Jerri Williams conducted with another retired, John Tamm, who monitored Sheeran. Tamm explains why he doubts Sheeran actually pulled the trigger on Hoffa, as depicted in 'The Irishman.'

Anastasia and Schratwieser also discuss the open letter former mob associate Mike D'Urso – who cooperated with prosecutors against the Genovese crime family – penned to the mafia. And they detail the "possible squeeze play" against Pete Tuccio, a friend of Philly mob boss Joey Merlino. 

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In episode 36, Anastasia and Schratwieser looked at the murder of Jimmy Hoffa as portrayed in "The Irishman," which stars De Niro, Pesci and Al Pacino.

Anastasia had doubts about the validity of the claim by Sheeran that he killed Hoffa. After a run in theaters, "The Irishman" became available to stream on Netflix on Wednesday, Nov. 27.

But first, the Mob Talk Sitdown experts discussed reputed Philadelphia wiseguy Salvatore Piccolo, who got slapped with a 12 1/2-year prison sentence on drug charges. And was there more to come for other Philly organized crime figures?

Piccolo's lawyer had a few things to say about the case, but Piccolo's nephew, mob captain Domenic Grande, avoided Schratwieser's camera and questions while leaving the federal courthouse in Camden.