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March 17, 2015

New app alerts drivers to red light cameras

Unlike the silly snapshots taken during a roller-coaster ride, the images that come from a blown red light are not a laughing matter.  

Antsy drivers will have a new resource to help identify traffic light cameras, however, and the app comes courtesy of the same company that installs the cameras.

Available for iOS, the Redflex Locator App contains about 900 intersections in 130 cities that have fixed camera systems. Users can view camera locations by selecting a city and state to populate a local map with pins. Unfortunately, the app doesn't work in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, but it does in Ohio and New York State. 

Redflex Traffic Systems, the road safety company behind the app, says that despite receiving its revenue from fines, the app was designed to promote driver safety. 
"Photo enforcement programs work – every day drivers make it home from work safely because of an accident that didn't happen. The goal of our programs is to modify driver behavior. We hope the Redflex Locator App is one step in that direction."
The initial version of the app is free, but the Redflex development team is working on a version of the app that includes GPS functionality, automated updates, push notifications, and audio alerts when approaching intersections with cameras. 

According to USA Today, data collected by the app will be used to study driver behavior, while proceeds from purchases of the enhanced version will be donated to an undisclosed non-profit.