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May 17, 2016

New York startup creates real-time earbud language translator

The device 'whispers' language translation into listener's ear

Have you ever visited a place where you don't speak the vernacular language and worried that you wouldn't be able to understand your tour guide, or worse, order food off a menu?

Before you pour hours of preparation into quick language learning books and apps, you might want to check out a newly-devised wearable device that claims to translate language real time into the listener's ear. 

The device, called the Pilot earpiece, was created by a startup in New York called Waverly Labs, and it isn't ready for use just yet. According to an article on it by Gizmag, pre-orders are expected to start “very soon" with deliveries expected to begin in about a year. 

Another catch: The Pilot will first launch with the ability to translate only European Latin and Germanic languages, which includes English, German and Dutch to name a few. The cost is estimated at $299 in the U.S., Gizmag reports.

Gizmag also added that this summer the startup with debut a preliminary mobile app that translates via your smartphone.

Read the full Gizmag report here.