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July 25, 2023

NFL power rankings as training camp begins

Ahead of NFL training camp, we rank all 32 teams.

As Eagles rookies report to training camp and fans eagerly await the reveal of the team's Kelly green uniforms, I have my football  juices flowing. With things getting back into the swing around the NFL, I wanted to rank all 32 teams, slotting teams into a set of tiers in addition to an overall ranking. 

Let's get after it...

The "Parade or Bust" Tier

1. Chiefs

2. Eagles

3. Bengals

All three teams have a Super Bowl appearance in the last two seasons. Making it to the Big Game isn't enough. Anything short of the Lombardi Trophy is a failure of a season

The "Dreaming of Vegas" Tier

4. Bills

5. Cowboys

I’m wondering if the Bills missed their true title window. Dallas is flawed per usual, but the NFC is weak and they’re the biggest threat to the Eagles in the conference.

The "Frisky Super Bowl Contenders" Tier

6. Jaguars

7. 49ers

8. Ravens

Doug Pederson led the Jaguars to their first playoff win in five years in his first season in Jacksonville. Anyone remember what happened during Pederson’s second year in Philadelphia? Trevor Lawrence is a top-five quarterback.

Some people would have San Francisco in the above tier, but it’s the last week of July and we have no idea who their Week 1 QB is. Why are we pretending that’s normal?

Lamar Jackson could win MVP or he could be bad and play in just eight games. High variance!

The "Looking for a Leap" Tier

9. Lions

10. Dolphins

11. Chargers

All three squads have a mix of young and in-prime talent. I could see any of them sneaking their way to their respective conference championship game.

The "Hoping for a Playoff Win" Tier

12. Vikings

13. Jets

14. Seahawks

15. Saints

These are rosters with veterans QBs running the show. Just being “decent” doesn't cut it though.

The "Decent Team, Tough Division" Tier

16. Giants

17. Steelers

18. Browns

Three teams with good head coaches, but they have a Wild Card berth ceiling.

The "Their Division Sucks" Tier

19. Panthers

20. Falcons

The NFC South is the worst division in the NFL and could very well send a bad team to the postseason.

The "QB Variable" Tier

21. Titans

22. Broncos

23. Bears

24. Patriots

25. Packers

Teams with veteran QBs looking to bounce back or young QBs looking to firmly establish themselves as above-average starters.

The "IDK" Tier

26. Rams

Is Matt Stafford remotely healthy? Is Sean McVay still a tier-1 coach? Let’s find out.

The "Stuck" Tier

27. Raiders

28. Buccaneers

There’s talent, but both teams are limited by their QB situations and are poised for worse records in 2023.

The "Stinks" Tier

29. Commanders

30. Colts

31. Texans

32. Cardinals

Crap teams. Indianapolis has the highest ceiling with the Shane Steichen-Anthony Richardson pairing developing in the next year or two.

Arizona’s dream scenario is landing Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr. with the first two picks in next April’s draft. Jonathan Gannon might be a one-and-done head coach.

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