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February 24, 2015

Parents, avert your eyes

These pictures will make you ashamed of your kid's school lunch

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Typical school lunch in Brazil Sweetgreen/

A typical school lunch in Brazil.

In an effort to convince parents of just how pathetic American school lunches can be, Sweetgreen, the growing salad chain, has put together a photo series of school lunches from around the world. 

According to business publication Fast Company:

Each plate is meant to be representative of a typical lunch and was put together by intepreting local government standards and studying Tumblr photos taken by elementary students.

"We wanted to look at how kids are eating around the world—not in a literal way, not that this is exactly how every plate looks, but as a way to relate to how we eat in this country," said Sweetgreen's co-founder Nic Jammet, who started the company with his friends while in college because they were sick of their school's own mediocre cafeteria food.

You can check out the photo series here. Prepare to get hungry.