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November 14, 2015

Paris man saved by smartphone in stadium explosions

Man identified as Sylvester says phone absorbed blow of flying shrapnel

In the wake of the brutal terrorist attacks that killed at least 127 people across Paris Friday night, one man who was walking outside the Stade de France when the explosions occurred says he was saved from flying shrapnel by his smartphone.

The man, identified only as Sylvestre, was passing by the stadium during the match between the French national soccer team and Germany when multiple suicide bombers detonated their devices. Sylvestre explained to Reuters that he was talking on his cellphone at the time.

He was just wrapping up a call when he heard several loud explosions and fell to the ground. In the video below, which has been translated, Sylvestre says the cracked cellphone took the hit and saved him from shrapnel that he believes would have blown through his head.