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February 03, 2023

Paul Hilse: An Exclusive Interview With The YouTube Mogul

A Conversation With Paul Hilse

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YouTube Automation Coach Paul Hilse Gets YouTube Plaque for Surpassing 100,000 Subscribers.


Paul Hilse is a bit of a YouTube sensation. He built multiple successful YouTube channels and worked to help other people reach their financial goals through his educational company, Freedom Accelerator.

Paul's journey to success began when he was a teen, and following his father’s passing, the family got into trouble when his mom made investment choices that turned out to be real estate scams. The family had to take out huge loans on their house until they eventually became broke and homeless.

Paul was only a teen then, and though he already had a successful YouTube automation business and a nest egg, he had to use that to help with his mother’s debts. He also had to deal with the police, banks, and FBI – a lot of weight on a teen’s shoulders. But Paul decided he could either sit around and mope, or do something positive in the face of adversity.

He decided to scale his existing YouTube Automation channels to help himself and his family. His channels scaled from a few thousand a month to a few thousand a day. He was able to get himself and his mom out of this situation through his cash flowing channels.

Freedom Accelerator was started as a passion project after he scaled his YouTube channels and realized that there were other people he could probably help that are going through difficult situations like he did with his mom.

The YouTube automation company, Freedom Accelerator, centers around intensive coaching. It provides the everyday person who wants to launch and scale a cash flow asset on the platform to do so.

But what does Freedom Accelerator represent? We sat down with founder Paul Hilse to find out.

What inspired the name “Freedom Accelerator?”

“It’s attached to helping myself get more freedom and helping other people get more freedom. To break away from the chains of whatever societal norm they're constructed by, whether that be the nine to five, their debt, and so on.”

“Freedom Accelerator is a place where people can break away from the chains of everyday living.”

Today, Paul’s YouTube Channel brings in substantial monthly revenue. Paul Hilse has more than three million subscribers over several YouTube channels and has numerous success stories of people he has helped achieve their goals.

There’s Andrew, a student who is earning $15,000 to $20,000 a month. Kye earns $61,000 a year. He newly joined Joshua making $500 a day after a few weeks. And Paul’s most significant success — helping Dre, a broke Uber driver and student, make $43,000 a month in passive income. It’s all about creating “freedom.” So, we asked Paul: What does Freedom mean to you?

“Freedom for me isn’t just financial freedom because many people have money. [It] is the ability to do anything you want, anytime and how you want. Not only freedom in terms of finances, but also freedom in terms of time, right? If you want to go on a vacation tomorrow, you can drop everything and still make money. So you don’t have to worry about it. That’s why YouTube automation is so beautiful.”

Paul is the first to admit it’s not easy to get there. And you can see that when you reflect on how far he’s come. But in the end, it pays off, and there’s much to be excited about. For Paul, the most exciting part of the job is providing value.

“Providing valuable content that the masses love gets me the most excited. Whenever I create content and channels, I base it around what audiences love, and people crave.”

“This space is all about providing value. You know, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos. How did they get to where they are? Because they offered so much value to society. And that’s the same thing with YouTube channels.”

While life isn’t always as challenging as it was for Paul as a teen, it’s never perfect, either. And if there was one thing in the world that Paul could change? It’s ego.

“I think many of the issues in our world today are because people have inflated egos. The only reason we're going to war is that people want to fight for land and power. It’s just the ego being stroked. People are power-hungry, keep everything for themselves, and leave nothing for everyone else. I think if we can remove ego, it would help a lot.”

As for what’s next for Paul Hilse, he plans to remain focused on his YouTube channels and business. He isn’t interested in making this a short-term thing. He wants to build a multiple 8 figure Media company to eventually have a huge exit.

Many people come and go in this industry. They come in and make a lot of money for a year or two and dip. For Paul, it isn’t about being a company that takes the money and walks away. It’s about building sustainable results to build a life.

Down the line, Hilse would like to build more businesses, but he sees no reason to walk away from the industry. He believes he has something to offer and can help add value and create a more significant impact by sharing that with others.

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