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April 18, 2023

Philadelphia candidates for mayor in 2023: Allan Domb

The former councilmember and 'Condo King' authored laws expanding the tax refund rate and making streeteries permanent

2023 Election Mayoral Race
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Allan Domb, a former Democratic city councilmember, is running for mayor. Known as the 'Condo King' for his real estate company, he has a track record of supporting business, tax reform and development.

Allan Domb leaned on his background as a real estate broker during his six years on Philadelphia City Council, repeatedly advocating for businesses and development in the city.

Domb, a Democratic candidate for mayor in the May 16 primary election, is the long-time president of Allan Domb Real Estate, a lucrative agency that earned him the nickname "Philly Condo King." He was also the president of the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors before he ran for an at-large council seat in 2015, and he continued to work in real estate even after taking office. He resigned from City Council in August 2022 to run for mayor.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Domb led the push for legislation to make outdoor streeteries a permanent fixture through a new licensing process. He also argued for a 20-year tax abatement on properties under $250,000, and against a law banning cashless stores from the city, citing concerns over attracting Amazon, Sweetgreen and other national corporations.

The Condo King championed a law to create an online "do not solicit" registry to protect homeowners from predatory, aggressive speculators peddling below-market offers. He also proposed collecting property taxes from delinquent commercial and industrial owners to help fund the School District of Philadelphia.

Domb further sought to bring tax relief to the working class, leading legislation to expand the wage tax refund rate for low-income Philadelphians, and require employers to notify workers of tax refund programs available to them.

If elected mayor, Domb promises to triple funding for police recruitment, clear all vacant lots, seal all abandoned buildings and "ensure anyone caught with an illegal gun in any situation or in possession of a gun while committing a crime will be arrested and prosecuted" — even if the district attorney declines to prosecute, he say.

He would also deploy cops to highly trafficked SEPTA stops during peak hours, and increase foot patrols in Kensington, where Domb plans to provide "wraparound services," including transitional housing, health care and treatment for those struggling with addiction.

Domb has set goals to create 100,000 new jobs, take 100,000 people out of poverty and bring 100,000 new residents to Philadelphia through an overhaul of the tax system, investments in small businesses and financial literacy classes in schools. He also wants to "dramatically" increase recycling, as well as Philadelphia's tree canopy.

The Domb agenda further includes plans to expand Open Data Philly, and publish required reports from all city departments on it.

Domb was born in Jersey City, and grew up in Fort Lee, New Jersey. He earned an undergraduate degree from American University, and moved to Philadelphia in the late '70s seeking work. He held jobs at a lock company and burger spot before transitioning to real estate.

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