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March 13, 2019

Former Eagles QB Nick Foles reveals favorite Philly restaurant

When you're the MVP of the Philadelphia Eagles' first-ever Super Bowl title, a hearty farewell is in order if you're leaving town.

Nick Foles is now the starting quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars after agreeing to a new four-year contract worth $88 million this week.

The departure from Philadelphia, Foles' second, isn't something he takes lightly. Earlier Wednesday, Foles published a "thank you" letter to Philadelphia in The Players Tribune, further cementing his iconic place in the city's history.

Amid the avalanche of NFL free agency news this week — including the triumphant return of DeSean Jackson to the Eagles — we almost missed another gift Foles left for Philadelphia.

Just before news broke Monday that Foles also would become an ambassador for Lululemon Men, Esquire published a Q&A with the quarterback touching on his time in Philly.

Foles was asked about his favorite cheesesteak in the city, but chose instead to reveal his favorite restaurant in Philadelphia.

You know what, because of what I do…man, I'm getting older, and I watch my diet like crazy. My wife cooks so much. I will tell you this, we love [the] food scene in Philly. Every Friday we would go out to eat in Philly. Try different places, enjoy the city, enjoy all these talented chefs. One of our favorite spots at the end of our time in Philadelphia was Friday Saturday Sunday. Wonderful restaurant, the chef/owner and his wife run it and that's a really special spot. But that was sort of a more genuine way for me to answer your question. Because the last time I probably had a cheesesteak in the city was probably 2013.

Friday Saturday Sunday, located at 216 S. 21st St. in Rittenhouse, has a long and rich history dating back to the early 1970's. The two-story building served as a local staple over the decades until its sale in 2015, when husband-and-wife Chad and Hannah Williams reinvented the space under the same name.

The new American fare features a raw bar, pasta, vegetables and everything from a New York strip steak to octopus, lobster and dry aged duck for two. Cocktails, wine by the glass and beer are also a draw at the downstairs bar.

Foles and his family will always be guests of honor in Philadelphia. When his playing days are over, he suggested he might come back to try all of the cheesesteaks here and offer an informed opinion.