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July 11, 2024

Ranking the Phillies' current uniform options

Which Phillies jerseys and uniforms are the best? From gray to powder blue, we rank them.

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Bryce Harper Grand Slam Phillies 2008 Bill Streicher/USA Today Sports

Bryce Harper goes wild after hitting a walk-off grand slam during the 2019 season.

In perhaps an unsurprising turn of events, the Phillies' controversial City Connect uniforms have grown on me. I dug the cap when it was first unveiled, but the uniforms themselves looked so cheesy, a legitimate connection to the city's history felt tenuous at best and negative attention swirled. Maybe it's just because the likes of Bryce Harper and Zack Wheeler can make anything Phils related look good, but I would consider myself a fan now. Friday nights at Citizens Bank Park have a different feel now!

With the Phillies going for a sweep of the Dodgers on Thursday evening, donning their legendary baby blue uniforms in the process, I wanted to rank the Phils' five different uniform options. The Phillies have some of the best aesthetic vibes in the sport, so let's celebrate that...

5. Gray Road Uniforms

If you're a traditionalist, gray road uniforms are what all MLB teams should do. I get that historical aspect, but they are inherently a little bleh. I'd change it up and have "Philadelphia" on the road uniform script instead of "Phillies" to rejuvenate these. 

I was into it when the Fightins wore their red Spring Training jerseys with gray pants during some road games in the past, but that combination has since been retired.

4. City Connect Uniforms

Like I said, I'm digging these more and more.

Cristopher Sánchez made what might go down as the first widely remembered moment in these, pitching a complete game shutout on a Friday evening a couple weeks ago:

Would I want the Phillies to roll with these City Connect uniforms next season? Probably not. Add some variety. A look that highlights the Phillie Phanatic or some sort of "Fresh Prince" homage would be welcomed. 

3. Pinstripe Home Uniforms

These are clean. And, oh, yeah, they were on display during the single greatest Phillies moment of the past four decades:

Brad Lidge Phillies 2008

'Nuff said.

2. Cream Afternoon Home Uniforms

I associate uniforms with certain eras for teams. The Phillies broke out the cream uniform during the 2008 season. They wore them the day they clinched the NL East crown that season, going on to win the World Series:

There were huge moments galore during the team's Golden Era in these and that's carried to today's Phils, too. Harper had "the swing of his life" in the cream uniforms:

The Phillies should utilize blue more in their color scheme (maybe that's why I've warmed up to the City Connect uniforms...), so I've always liked the blue alternate cap with a red brim they wear with these as well.

1. Powder Blue Throwbacks

Everyone loves throwbacks. It's either what they grew up on or their elders grew up on, hearing stories about the good ol' days. The Phillies, of course, sported this look back in the Mike Schmidt era when the team captured its first championship during the 1980 season.

Yes, these are beloved, but should the maroon and powder blue be the Phillies' full-time uniform combination? I say no. Akin to the Eagles' Kelly green jerseys, the fact that these are worn sparingly adds to the mystique. If every time you went to CBP the Fightins were wearing these, it would feel less special. Going to the game on a Thursday? It's a TBT game, break out that maroon hat! They make you want to go to Mitchell & Ness.

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