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October 18, 2023

Jimmy Eat World drummer is latest figure to have beef with Phillies fans on social media

Zach Lind, the drummer for the Arizona-based emo band Jimmy Eat World, has drawn the wrath of Phillies fans on Twitter/X after the Phils stomped the Diamondbacks.

Hey, Diamondbacks fans aren't writing themselves off yet. Even after the Phillies took a monumental 2-0 lead in the NLCS, the Arizona faithful are remaining chippy online. As Atlanta Braves mascot Blooper learned the hard way, that's not always the wisest plan of action.

The latest person to find themselves incurring the wrath of Phillies fans on Twitter/X? Zach Lind, drummer of the seminal third-wave emo band Jimmy Eat World. The act was founded in Arizona in 1993 and it appears that Lind is a big-time supporter of the D-backs.

Lind posted the following message on social media on Tuesday night as the Phillies were in the midst of thrashing the Diamondbacks in a 10-0 win:

The Phillies tried to field the best possible team, a group of players who have completely gelled together and captured the ethos of Philadelphia? Oh, no! Philly is so owned! 

Bootlicking owners who are cheap? Insinuating that Philadelphia's most beloved himbos were simply bought and these wins aren't earned? Coming at the team of destiny and the Delaware Valley as a whole? You had a lack of clarity about what you were getting yourself into, pal. 

Phillies fans, as they always do, fought back against Lind:

Local social media influencer Eric Fink, the ringleader of fans' previous fights with Blooper, had the following to say regarding Lind:

I just want Zach to know, it just takes some time. Little boy, you're in the middle of the ride. Everything, everything'll be fine. Everything will be alright, alright. That's Red October for you. Enjoy the offseason and your cheap ownership group. I can't believe people keep doing this with us.

The Phillies are heading out to Arizona for Games 3 and 4 (and potential Game 5) of the NLCS. If the Phillies end up sweeping this Diamondbacks team that is clearly not ready for the moment, there will certainly be an extra sweetness here given Lind's comments.

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