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November 14, 2017

Philly mom accidentally cooks doll; daughter's reaction goes viral

Have you ever left a dish or tray in the oven while preheating it? That's a common mistake. But what about one of your kid's toys?

In a now viral Facebook post, South Philly mom Brittany Lewandowski admitted to accidentally doing the latter on Friday, and she filmed her 2-year-old daughter's reaction to her cooking her doll.

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"My daughter, Quinn put her baby doll in the broiler for a nap, I apparently didn't know and decided to make cookies," Lewandowski wrote.

The video of Quinn's reaction has gotten more than 3 million views. Lewandowski told 6ABC that she's gotten blowback from some on social media trying to mom shame her, calling her cruel. 

But Lewandowski sent a video to the news station of her daughter happy with the new doll she bought her after the accident, adding that she posted the video for other parents of toddlers who've also experienced unpredictable and hilarious moments with their kids.