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February 24, 2017

Philly Twitter tears Adweek editor to shreds over comment that we're 'f***ing hideous'

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Tony Case, executive editor of Adweek and the new public enemy No. 1 in Philadelphia after his Twitter rant Friday about the city's residents.

Avert your eyes, brothers and sisters. Apparently, we here in Philadelphia are fugly.

At least, that's what Adweek executive editor Tony Case felt compelled to tweet this afternoon while walking through Philadelphia International Airport.



What an awful idea, Tony. Tonyyyyyyy. You're better than this. 

We've been here before. Don't you follow Mara Wilson on Twitter? If you were a real fan of "Matilda" and "Mrs. Doubtfire," very marketable motion pictures, you would know that she walked right into this minefield in November.

She got eaten alive for it, bless her heart.

But you? You handed Philly a perfect reason to back up Matilda's claim. It must feel empowering to know that being an executive editor means you can just bloviate whatever the f--- you want, but maybe it also means you should edit yourself. 

Dawg, we won a title for being sexy. It would actually interest you because it was a totally superficial press release put out by Pure Romance, a sex toy company looking to swing a little congratulatory product placement. 

Hey, you know what? Have at him, Philly.