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January 20, 2016

Police investigating threat made against Philly, New York officers

Reports: Call said man planned to shoot officers

Police in New York City are investigating a threat made against officers there and in Philadelphia on Tuesday, according to multiple media reports.

ABC7NY reports that one call was made to NYPD and claimed someone wanted to shoot an officer, adding that it was "probably ISIS related." Another call was made to the Philadelphia Police Department but no mentions of ISIS were made.

Philadelphia police reportedly called NYPD and informed them they traced the call to an Upper Manhattan residence.

According to CBS New York, NYPD officers were sent photos of 36-year-old Marcus Shelton, someone who has a criminal history. CBS reports that Shelton is the man the caller claims wanted to shoot an officer.

NBC New York reports that the man named in the tip turned himself into police and is being questioned, and ABC is reporting that someone is being questioned but did not specify if it was the person mentioned in the phone calls.

It is still unclear if the person being questioned is Shelton.

The threat comes not long after 30-year-old Edward Archer walked up to the police cruiser that Philadelphia officer Jesse Hartnett was sitting in, firing 13 shots and hitting Hartnett three times.

Archer, who told police he conducted the shooting in the name of Islam, has been charged with attempted murder. Hartnett, 33, is recovering and was recently upgraded to stable condition.

After that shooting, Philadelphia police received an anonymous tip that warned the "threat to police is not over." The FBI also began investigating the incident as an act of terrorism.

However, subsequent statements made by state and city officials seemed to suggest that Archer may have acted as a lone wolf rather than as part of a larger conspiracy. 

Also, the FBI said there was no sign that Archer was part of a larger terror cell and that there were no signs of future attacks.

Police are not releasing the identity of the caller in the most recent threat and authorities are still investigating.