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February 29, 2016

Poll: Penn State is the college football team Pennsylvanians hate the most

Take our poll: Which Pa. team do you hate the most?

Pennsylvania college football fans loathe their state's most prominent team the most, according to a new poll.

The poll, conducted on the college football subreddit, found that 19.8 percent of respondents in the state hated Penn State more than any other school's team. Ohio State -- a Big Ten rival of the Nittany Lions -- and Pittsburgh -- also actually in Pennsylvania -- were second and third respectively, with 13.7 and 10.3 percent.

Now, it's important to note the methodology of the poll is not clear and hardly scientific, even for a random Internet survey.

All the authors say is that it asked "more than 100" Pennsylvania readers, giving no specific number. Also, it's not clear how it was verified -- if at all -- that the readers were actually from the state.

Either way, it wasn't unusual for respondents to hate a team within their own state, as that was the case in the poll for Texas, Oregon, Florida, Arizona and California (you can see the full "hatred" map here).

And really, who cares? Sports are supposed to be fun, and hatred -- measured or not -- is a part of that enjoyment. So let's take a poll of our own. Of the three college football teams in the state in the NCAA FBS, which do you hate the most?