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January 17, 2017

Princeton University may want to study your brain

Bonus: Participants get a souvenir picture

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051016_BrainReanimationBioquark Source/AP

Man holds electrified brain.

Working in the financial field might sound like a bore to many of us, but not to the people in the Princeton Social Neuroscience Lab, who are interested in studying the minds of finance professionals, along with those working in the medical or law fields.

According to a study recruitment ad, the neuroscience research laboratory housed in the psychology department at Princeton University is looking for 30- to 65-year-olds working in one of the three aforementioned fields to participate in what is described as a “brain imaging study on everyday cognition.”

You will have to complete "imagination tasks" while undergoing an MRI scan. We don't know what imagination tasks are either.

But if you participate, they’ll compensate your travel to the college given that you live within a fair distance (Pennsylvania/New Jersey/New York City area), and they will reward you with a picture of your brain to take home, a goodie bag and $100.

For more information or to see if you qualify, click here.