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New course series by Science History Institute explores how scientists perpetuated racist myths

Science History Institute series

Health News

Experimental prosthetic helps man who lost his arm regain some sense of feeling

Prosthetic Hand Temperature


Bacterial infections in Pennsylvania's potato crops could lead to supply shortages for chip makers

Pennsylvania Potato Utz

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Why some people don't trust science – and how to change their minds

Science Public Trust


Look for Venus in the sky next to crescent moon early Thursday morning

Arts & Culture

350-million-year-old fossil discovered by Drexel researcher on display in new exhibit at Academy of Natural Sciences

academy of natural sciences Tiktaalik roseae fossil


'Ring of fire' solar eclipse may be visible in Philadelphia Saturday afternoon

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Tenacious curiosity in the lab can lead to a Nobel Prize – as 2 Penn scientists just demonstrated

Penn Nobel Prize

Arts & Culture

Science History Institute's new exhibit explores history of textile dyes

Science History Institute Bold Exhibit

Arts & Culture

Take a peek at the Franklin Institute's new $8.5 million space exhibit before it opens in November

franklin institute wondrous space


Belly flops and the BlackStar Film Festival: Your weekend guide to things to do


ChatGPT and other generative AI could foster science denial and misunderstanding

Generative AI Misinformation


Sample oysters and learn about the ocean at the Science History Institute's summer festival

Science History Institute


Mütter Museum weighs ethical concerns over online exhibits displaying human remains

Mütter Museum Ethics

Odd News

Scientists confirm 4.56 billion-year-old meteorite struck New Jersey home

Meteorite New Jersey TCNJ

Odd News

Possible meteorite crashes through roof of New Jersey home, police say

New Jersey Meteorite Hopewell


Franklin Institute digital video series nominated for 'People's Voice' Webby Award

franklin institute webby award


Rare comet should appear in sky later in January — and it could be visible without a telescope

Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)


Most Americans do trust scientists and science-based policy-making, Pew research shows


NASA's Artemis 1 moon mission to blast off Saturday afternoon; here's how to stream the rocket launch


A guide to watching NASA's Artemis 1 rocket launch happening Monday morning

NASA Artemis 1 flight


Philly will miss the northern lights this time, but they may be visible in the months to come

Northern Lights visible in US


Sweet dreams, spiders! Some arachnids may sleep similarly to humans, study finds

Jumping Spider dream research


Defining when human life begins is not a question science can answer – it's a question of politics and ethical values

Ultrasound baby

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Scientists discover biggest bacteria yet – and they can be seen without a microscope

Largest Bacteria Thiomargarita


Franklin Institute's 'Science After Hours' series continues with Summer Ball on June 24

Franklin Institute Summer Ball

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Franklin Institute unveils plans for new space exploration exhibit focused on future trips to moon, Mars

Franklin Institute SPACE


Help with firefly conservation this summer by counting the bugs in your backyard

Arts & Culture

Questlove, The Balvenie award first scholarship for PhD in Creativity at University of the Arts

UArts Creativity PhD


Dogs evolved cute eyes and faster facial muscles so they could communicate with humans

Dog Facial Expressions


Philly's largest life sciences lab planned for Drexel University campus

Drexel Life Sciences Philly

Senior Health

Brain 'clutter' may cause memory issues in older adults – not a lack of storage space

Memory Brain Clutter


How to watch NASA's historic James Webb Space Telescope launch on Christmas

NASA Webb Space Telescope


University City Science Center to expand STEM education program, work with West Philly students

FirstHand University City Science Center Program

Health News

Penn researchers named Time's 'Heroes of the Year' for helping to develop COVID-19 vaccines

Time Heroes of the Year 2021


Franklin Institute to honor Penn researchers who played vital role in developing COVID-19 vaccines

Franklin Institute Awards Drew Weissman Katalin Karikó


Penn researchers awarded $3 million Breakthrough Prize for developing mRNA technology used by COVID-19 vaccines

Penn Breakthrough Prize

Odd News

As UFO research gains footing, a Philly man's strange sighting brings mystery and scientific caution

Philly UFO Orbs Videos


Benjamin Franklin championed science after a smallpox divided Colonial America over inoculation

Benjamin Franklin Smallpox


Franklin Institute plans 200th anniversary capital projects, bringing new exhibits and technology

Franklin Institute 200th anniversary renovations

Arts & Culture

A floating deck will offer eye-level views of the Schuylkill River in 2022



How to watch the Geminid meteor shower at its peak Sunday night