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September 13, 2015

Radio host sues Taylor Swift over alleged groping

Man says he was falsely accused of grabbing singer's buttocks

Berks County native and music megastar Taylor Swift is being sued by a Denver radio host who lost his job after allegedly groping the singer. 

The Associated Press reports that David Mueller was fired after the incident occurred during a photo session. Per AP: 

The lawsuit says Mueller was falsely accused by one of Swift's security team of grabbing the singer's buttocks backstage at the Pepsi Center on June 2, 2013.
It says Mueller was fired two days later from his job at KYGO radio.

Mueller denies inappropriately touching Swift. A statement from the singer's publicist said the station reviewed the evidence on their own before making the decision to let him go. 

Swift has been the center of some controversy lately. She received flack after some said the music video for the song "Wildest Dream" gave a stereotypical portrayal of Africa. 

The criticism prompted the video's director to fire back. Profits from the short movie are being donated to the African Parks Foundation of America. 

No amount of bad press seems to impact the singer's success, however. As of Sunday, the song some slammed her for was charting fifth on iTunes, while her album "1989 " ranked second.