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December 02, 2015

Ramsey not considering Chicago Police Commissioner job

Outgoing Philly commish still plans to retire

Outgoing Philadelphia Police Commisioner Charles Ramsey will not be taking over a gig he called a "dream job" four years ago, according to reports.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy fired Tuesday after the alleged fatal shooting of black teenager Laquan McDonald by Jason Van Dyke -- a white police officer.

McCarthy's exit came after unrest throughout the city over McDonald's death and has left Mayor Rahm Emanuel with the task of replacing the head of police. 

One of the names that surfaced was Ramsey's, as he served as an officer for the department for several years and eventually rose to deputy commissioner.

Ramsey wouldn't rule out the possibility to CBS Chicago on Tuesday:

“I know things are a little difficult right now in Chicago to say the least, but it’s way too soon to speculate about anything,” Ramsey said. “My plans are to retire the first of the year and that hasn’t changed.”

However, he told the next day that while he was open to coming in as a consultant of some sort, he won't be taking over the vacant position:

"The mayor [Emanuel] has not reached out to me," Ramsey said Wednesday. "And I still plan on retiring at the end of the month. But if they want some assistance, in terms of consulting or advice, I'd be more than happy to certainly consider that. But that's about it."

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter got Ramsey to stay in Philly back in 2011 with a $60,000 raise when newly-elected Mayor Emanuel tried luring him to Chicago.

Although he had interest in the job then, Ramsey told the timing isn't right, adding that hise wife and son - a Philadelphia police officer - are here in Philly.