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November 18, 2015

Red panda cubs to make debut at Philadelphia Zoo

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11182015_RedPanda Philadelphia Zoo/Facebook

A red panda at the Philadelphia Zoo (not one of the cubs). The new cubs will make their debut on Wednesday.

The Philadelphia Zoo will introduce its newest red panda cubs on Wednesday morning, PhillyMag reports.

The cubs, a boy and a girl who have yet to be named, were born to 5-year-old parents, Basil and Spark.

According to the zoo, red pandas, also known as "Firefoxes," are endangered due to habitat loss. The little ones join their parents and two other red pandas at the zoo.

"The birth is important in the Zoo’s efforts in red panda conservation," General Curator Kevin Murphy told PhillyMag.

The Philadelphia Zoo is encouraging visitors to suggests names for the cubs via their Facebook page or email