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January 15, 2018

Reliving the Eagles' playoff win through the eyes of Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins fans

During the NFL season, the Cowboys blog has a weekly feature called "Trolling the Nation," in which they scour message boards looking for fans of teams around league watching (and commenting on) Cowboys games as they happen. They then publish those comments on their site.

Welp. A good idea is a good idea, and I'm stealing that jawn. For the Eagles' playoff win over the Atlanta Falcons, I took a look at the comment sections for the live game threads at the SB Nation sites for the Cowboys, Giants, and Redskins, who find themselves in a similar position as Eagles fans in the playoffs most years – rooting against whoever made the playoffs in the NFC East. Here's what I found.


• Gee, I wonder who to root for....? (Cowboys)

• Here's to one and done... (Cowboys)

• My prediction: Cry Eagles Cry. (Cowboys)

• The Eagles are having their magical season they waited so long for. Then Karma slapped them for being terrible fans. (Cowboys)

• I want the stadium empty by midway of the 3rd quarter. (Cowboys)

• Let's Go Falcons! Light up that weak secondary Matty Ice!! That ATL D Line is going to wreak havoc all day. A little nervous for this game for two reasons. 1) Everyone is counting out the Eagles. 2) I have a hard time trusting the Falcons on the road. Looks like it will be 32 degrees for the game which isn’t great for Atlanta but it could be worse considering the weather the northeast has had. (Giants)

• Hopefully Matty Ice can make that Eagles secondary look like they do when they play us. (Giants)

• No matter what f the shegirls. (Redskins)

• Ryan>>>Foles. Eagles are otherwise better. (Redskins)

Jay Ajayi fumbles

• Ajajajajaji (Cowboys)

• Hey, I remember people here wanting Ajayi. We will use a single play to base his entire worth. That guys sucks. (Cowboys)

• Balls fumbling at the Linc. (Redskins)

Nick Foles takes a bad sack, knocking the Eagles out of FG range

• HAHAHAHA!!! Foles takes the sack. I have a feeling that unless the refs help the Eagles today, they’re going to really struggle offensively. (Cowboys)

• LOL @ Folols (Cowboys)

• Dang, Philthy looks like hot garbage so far today. (Giants)

• LOL. Nick Foles sucks. (Redskins)

Nelson Agholor has a long run down to the 1 yard line

• Must be nice to have an offensive playcaller with some imagination that keeps a defense second guessing. (Cowboys)

• Good playcall. (Cowboys)

• That fake toss inside handoff to Agholar was a nasty nasty play. Looks like we got a game here! Still rooting hard for the Falcons. I’m hoping Julio takes over soon. (Giants)

• After watching the Giants all season, I forgot what creative plays look like. (Giants)

Eagles punch it into the end zone on fourth down

• Does Peterson have the guts to go for it? Garrett would kick the FG. (Cowboys)

• I hate the Eagles... (Cowboys)

• They’ll go for it. Pederson always does. (Giants)

• This is starting to become worrisome. (Giants)

Devonta Freeman runs it in from six yards out

• Man I love when all those Philly fans just turn quiet after the Falcons TD. (Cowboys)

• That's 10 points off turnovers. HAHAHA!! (Cowboys)

Eagles get a miraculous deflection to Torrey Smith that should have been intercepted

• Are you serious?? Should have been picked off. (Cowboys)

• Why jump dude? (Cowboys)

And Jake Elliott hits a long FG as a result

• So now Philly will try to get their 8-ball wizard kicker into snooker range, and of course he makes it… (Cowboys)

• Even if the Eagles squirm their way into the SB, they'll get crushed there with Foles. Better for them to end it tonight. (Cowboys)

• Eagles look like hot garbage but the game is within 1 point... weird (Cowboys)

• If Wentz was playing this game would have been over at the half. (Cowboys)

Atlanta drives the field, getting into the red zone

Looks like Doug Peterson will be second-guessing his decision to not go for it on 4th on that last drive. Could be a game losing decision. (Cowboys)

Don't score too quick Falcons. And they’re going to have to go for the 2 pt conversion. (Cowboys)

The Eagles hold on 4th down, winning the game

• Eww lol. (Cowboys)

• Go home, ATL. You’re drunk. (Cowboys)

• GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cowboys)

• Oh well, I have no doubt that either the Saints or Vikings will beat the Eagles. This little dink and dunk garbage by Foles won't work against them. (Cowboys)

• Eagles do more in the playoffs in 2 years with Pederson than Garrett in 7. But hell, give the ginger loser 3 more years to evaluate the process! (Cowboys)

• Man, Nick Foles has been to more championship games by himself, than Tony Romo did in his entire career. This franchise sucks. (Cowboys)

• So, PHI can win a playoff game with Nick Foles at QB? Without legit MVP candidate Carson Wentz, the Eagles still manage to win a playoff game… That’s what happens when your defense isn’t built around a weak side LB or your offense around a RB… Let this be a lesson to all those who want to use injuries as an excuse to explain away more failure, mediocrity, and underachievement…. (Cowboys)

• Philly has better Oline and Dline than us. Their passing game, with a backup QB, is better than ours. Their CBs are as young and better than ours. Let’s be honest, there isn’t one position group where we are better than Philly. And, worst of all, they have a competent front office. (Cowboys)

• Eagles with major injuries get farther then us at near full strength. (Cowboys)

• 2016, Cowboys go 13-3 and get the #1 seed. Oh, and they are nearly full strength going into the playoffs and lose in the divisional round. 2017, Eagles go 13-3 and get the #1 seed, all while losing their stud QB and bunch of other good players for the season and…advance to the NFC championship game. I don’t care what anyone says to the contrary, that’s a gut-punch. What’s wrong with our team? (Cowboys)

• Since when did McAdoo start doing the play calling for the Falcons in the red zone? Seriously, that was pathetic. (Giants)

• Matty Ice. Hah. (Giants)

• That is why it is so important that NE should reach the SB and kill Philly. (Giants)

• The Egirls are not winning a SB. Fine with me if they get closer just to get their little wings clipped. Hurts worse. (Redskins)

• How many times did the Eagles turn the ball over yet the defense held the Falcons in check right down to the last play of the game. (Redskins)

• The Sheagles were a play away from losing that game. Their defense played VERY well but he play calling by the Falcons offense was horrible at times including completely flubbing it when they got inside the 10. (Redskins)

• This is some BS. Falcants should been ashamed of themselves for losing this game. So f****** p***** off right now, I can’t stand the f****** Eagles right now. (Redskins)

To the fans of other teams whose comments appeared above, you're welcome for correcting your many, many, many, many, many spelling and grammatical errors.

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