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July 14, 2016

Ryan Arcidiacono thinks ‘Nova didn’t win an ESPY because they play on FOX

The “Best Play” category for the ESPYs last night was absolutely loaded. You had Kris Jenkins’ national championship buzzer-beater for Villanova. There was also LeBron James’ insane chase-down block at the end of Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Michigan-Michigan State’s bizarre punt return ending was in the running, too.

And somehow, the award went to Aaron Rodgers’ game-winning Hail Mary against the Detroit Lions in a random regular-season game.

Objectively, this was the wrong choice. To be honest, I’m not even sure it was Rodgers’ best Hail Mary of the season. Jenkins and James had iconic plays, but whatever, it’s the ESPYs. We’re not here to air any grievances with ESPN.

Instead, we’ll let the normally mild-mannered Ryan Arcidiacono do that:

This is objectively hilarious.

Arch couldn’t attend the ceremony because he’s playing summer league in Las Vegas for the San Antonio Spurs, and this is a delightful Ayesha Curryesque heel turn. Remember, we have seen Arch get punched in the face before and react like it was nothing. He immediately accepted Sterling Gibbs’ apology for this cheap shot after the game:

Now we know finally what sets him over the edge: the ESPYs potentially being rigged because Villanova plays its conference games on another network. Arch, buddy, you might have a point, but remember that you’re looking for integrity in an award show where the awards mean nothing. Sports are great that way. You won the award already! They can't take away your pass or Kris' shot!

Like you said, attitude. On to the next play.

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