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September 03, 2015

Scientists develop ice cream that melts significantly slower

Bonus: It also has fewer calories than the regular recipe

Ice Cream Science
Ice Cream Jersey Shore File Art /for PhillyVoice

Nothing says summer like ice cream.

Science has solved many everyday woes, from providing us with electricity, to allowing us to communicate with people across the world in real time.

But behold, a life-changing invention that will make us scream – for ice cream, that is.

Researchers at the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee in Scotland have developed an ice cream that is more melt-resistant with fewer calories and the same taste.

According to a press release from the University of Edinburgh, the messy ice cream conundrum was solved by adding a naturally occurring protein that adheres to fat droplets and air bubbles to make the mixture more stable.

According to lead researcher Cait MacPhee, the protein also allows ice cream and other frozen products to be manufactured with lower levels of saturated fat by “replacing some of the fat molecules that are currently used to stabilize these oil and water mixtures.”

The researchers estimate the more melt-resistant ice cream will be available within the next five years.

Read the full release at the University of Edinburgh.