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October 03, 2016

SEPTA Regional Rail officially returns to normal schedule

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10032016_Silverliner_Temple PhillyVoice/Staff

An outbound Silverliner V train stops at Temple University on Monday morning.

After three months of headaches caused by equipment defects, SEPTA Regional Rail is running on a normal weekday schedule Monday.

All but one of the transit agency's 14 lines will operate on schedules that were supposed to be in effect since June 19. The Media/Elwyn Line will run on a new schedule, effective Sunday, following the completion of a planned construction project.

Riders have been advised to prepare for car shortages and crowding during the transition. However, a couple of equipment problems have already been reported on the first morning of the rollout. One train on the Wilmington/Newark Line was canceled while another train on the Thorndale Line was delayed 20 minutes.

SEPTA officials said that the move was made possible as 50 of the 120 Silverliner V cars return to service. The agency will continue to lease trains from other organizations until the entire fleet is available.

On July 1, SEPTA pulled 120 cars after a structural defect was discovered. Throughout the summer, Regional Rail lines ran on modified weekend schedules.

For more information on Regional Rail, visit SEPTA's website here.