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December 16, 2016

Sevyn Streeter performs national anthem in ‘We Matter’ jersey at Sixers-Lakers game

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When the Sixers offered a formal apology to singer Sevyn Streeter back in November for canceling her opening night national anthem performance at the last minute, it came with an offer for the 30-year-old performing artist to sing at a future game.

And before Friday night’s nationally televised game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Streeter performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” with the same “We Matter” jersey that originally caused the Sixers to cancel her performance before the October 26th game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Streeter accepted the team’s apology and said the team and her planned to "work together through multiple community outreach programs to promote inclusion and acceptance."

"It's unfortunate, me not being able to sing the anthem at a 76ers game because I was wearing a shirt that said 'We Matter,'” Streeter said in an interview with Fuse. “But guess what: now there's going to be even more awareness."

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