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June 14, 2017

Colbert pokes fun at Sessions as latest guest on ‘So You Think You Can Testify About Russia’

Comedian Stephen Colbert wasted no time in taking some jabs at Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Is it really any surprise though?

Colbert addressed Sessions' hourslong testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding possible ties between Russia and President Donald Trump's campaign during his Tuesday night monologue on CBS' "The Late Show."

"Everyone out there, I'm sure you know, everyone is talking about America's favorite new reality TV show, 'So You Think You Can Testify About Russia,'" he opened. "Today's contestant, attorney general and last surviving little rascal, Jeff Sessions. I think he was Spanky."

The host poked fun at the attorney general's Southern accent but also delved into more serious matters, including his refusal to answer quite a bit of questions pertaining to private conversations between himself and Trump, based on a "long-standing policy" within the Department of Justice. 

U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich pressed Sessions during the hearing.

"You're impeding this investigation, so my understanding of the legal standard is that you either answer the question," Heinrich said during the hearing. "That's the best outcome. You say this is classified, can't answer it here. I'll answer it in closed session. That's bucket No. 2. Bucket No. 3 is to say I'm invoking executive privilege." 

That led Colbert to some questions of his own that he addressed during the monologue.

"You're not answering even though the president hasn't claimed executive privilege and you haven't claimed executive privilege, so what are you claiming? White privilege? Because I hear that's a thing."

Check out Colbert's full monologue below: