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July 14, 2015

Taste the cuisine of Campania with swanky Vetri dinner

Special event explores region's unique cultural mix

Spend "A Night in Campania" with Vetri at a special dinner event Friday, July 31. In the restaurant's private dining room, guests will be treated to a meal inspired by the cuisine of Campania, a region in Southern Italy with a variety of culinary influences. 

The countryside of Campania was colonized by the Greeks, the Romans, the French and the Spanish, meaning its cuisine features a unique mix of Mediterranean traditions. Vetri's meal will feature these many cultural inspirations as well as a wine pairing to complete the evening.

Reservations are limited and Vetri events tend to sell out quickly. Request a reservation for this (and other events, like the upcoming "100 Mile Dinner" and "Ferragosto Feast") now. 

A Night in Campania

Friday, July 31
6:30 p.m. | $150 per person
1312 Spruce St.
(215) 732-3478