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October 23, 2017

There’s a new place where you can get Federal Donuts

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05152015_FedDonuts Federal Donuts/Facebook

Spicy chili-garlic fried chicken and a doughnut from Federal Donuts

Federal Donuts currently has four Philly locations, plus a spot in Citizens Bank Park, but the local chain’s newest Philly site may make grabbing a lavender powdered doughnut more convenient than ever.

Last week, two local fooderies, including Cheu Noodle Bar and Wiz Kidworking out of an additional space in Whole Foods' Fairmount location pulled out of the store. The shops' replacements have now been announced: Federal Donuts and vegan falafel shop Goldie will find new homes there.

Both will open in the supermarket next month, according to Eater

At the Federal Donuts outpost, you can expect to find the perfect mix of sweet-and-savory offerings, i.e. fried chicken and doughnuts, typical of the shop’s other locations. Goldie, which has a storefront near 16th and Sansom, will be serving its signature falafel, fries and tehina-based shakes.

So, next time you're combing through the Fairmount Whole Foods aisles in search of marginally discounted items in the wake of the Amazon takeover, don't forget you can fuel up with falafel or doughnuts (or both) just a few steps away.