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November 11, 2020

Comedian Tim Heidecker writes ode to Rudy Giuliani's visit to Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Trump campaign visit in Philly inspires hilarious song

As President Donald Trump continues to fight an uphill legal battle over the outcome of the election in Pennsylvania, the gift of Rudy Giuliani's visit to Philly last Saturday just keeps on giving.

Comedian Tim Heidecker, an Allentown native, was inspired by the former New York City mayor's profoundly ridiculous press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. To put it in perspective, even Republican Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey, who isn't running for re-election, wouldn't lower himself to embrace the GOP's feeble effort to invalidate the state's vote tabulation.

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Heidecker, who released his first-ever stand-up special last month, got behind a piano this week to commemorate Giuliani's Four Seasons Total Landscaping visit with a song.

It was inevitable that Heidecker would eventually make his way to Giuliani's inglorious cameo in "Borat 2," in which he's seen in a compromising position with his hands down his pants.

"With your hand down your pants, maybe you don't want to do a hotel," Heidecker sings. "Maybe next time, you and your friends can find some place that isn't next to a dildo store."

It's probably dawning on Giuliani that he'll never be able to visit Philadelphia again without being mocked. When you're Donald Trump's public-facing lawyer, you sign up for things like that.