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August 22, 2017

Tips for your immediate eyebrow fix

Transform your eyebrows from wimpy to 'wow!' now

There’s no denying that a great pair of eyebrows is something that we all covet, but not everyone is so lucky in that department. Why else would there be such an abundance of brow enhancing products to help us fake our way to brow perfection?

Perhaps you grew up before the millennium, seen eyebrow trends come and go and tweezed away happily not knowing the consequences? Or maybe you’ve gotten a poor wax job that left your eyebrows looking uneven, or worse yet, completely botched?

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Whatever the reason, if your eyebrow game is currently lacking, there are things you can do to help rehabilitate them. The truth is, once the follicles have become damaged, the hair may never fully grow back, but the good news is that by following these tips, you can be sure that your brows end up in much better shape than they started.

First things first. You’ll need to go back to basics…

Put down the tweezers

You’ll want to leave those brows alone for as long as possible. If you have enough self-control, you’re allowed to clean up stray hair only, otherwise, just leave them alone. It may take six months to a year to fully restore your brows, so you’ll need to practice lots of patience in the meantime.

Use an eyebrow serum

A growth serum can be a game-changer. If the hair follicles are still active, there is still hope for re-growth even if it’s been a few years. At the very least, a serum can strengthen and bulk up existing hair, making them look twice as thick while helping to target specific areas where hair growth is sparse. Use it daily, and you should start to see results in about four to six weeks.

Brush those brows

Speed up hair growth by brushing your eyebrows morning and night with a toothbrush or mascara wand. This will help to not only exfoliate dead skin and clear the way for new hair growth, but it will also help to stimulate, massage and bring new blood flow and nutrients to the hair follicles for faster hair growth and healthier brows.

Take vitamins

Taking a supplement that contains Biotin, Niacin and essential B complex may help to strengthen hair and maintain healthy follicles. Receiving proper nutrients from the inside out can double your efforts and give you even faster results.

Try tinting

One of the best kept-secrets in the beauty world is eyebrow tinting. Your eyebrows may actually be a lot thicker than they appear and that’s because new hair can often times be much lighter, thinner and nearly invisible. Tinting your eyebrows can make them look instantly fuller, giving each and every hair a chance to be seen. It can make a dramatic difference and help elevate your look without much time or effort. Most brow bars and beauty salons offer the service and the results can last up to four weeks.

See a professional

To keep you brows from getting unruly, keep them groomed by making a regular appointment with an eyebrow expert. Communicate your goals clearly at the beginning and opt to have your brows either trimmed and/or cleaned up with tweezers only. A skilled professional can help monitor your progress. He or she may even offer to take before and after photos so you can compare the outcome. Once you’ve established a relationship, you can rest assured knowing that someone has your eyebrows’ best interest in mind, especially when it comes time to reshape them.

Explore other options

As a semi-permanent solution, microblading might be an option worth considering. This innovative technique of cosmetic tattooing creates wispy hair-like strokes for a three-dimensional eyebrow effect that’s a perfect low-maintenance alternative for the busy or makeup challenged. Finally, if all else fails, take comfort in knowing that there has never been a better selection of eyebrow products to fill, shape and groom them like a pro.

Get a makeup artist to match you with the perfect shade and show you how to achieve the right look. With ever-changing trends in the beauty world, natural eyebrows are still going strong and they’re probably here to stay. Now that you’ve significantly improved your eyebrow game, remember to keep your brows looking fabulous with proper maintenance and don’t even think about picking up those tweezers.

Joanna Kula is a skin-care expert and licensed esthetician at Rescue Spa in Center City, Philadelphia.