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June 16, 2017

Twitter is exploding with hopes and fears concerning Amazon's Whole Foods purchase

#SoAmazon is trending

Big news broke Friday, and it's particularly relevant to anybody who uses Amazon or buys organic from Whole Foods, as the online retail giant purchased the grocery chain for a cool $13.7 billion.

The transaction raises a lot of questions about what this will mean for the future of retail and food shopping, and considering that Pennsylvania has a dozen total Whole Foods locations – eight of which are in the Philadelphia area, plus Cherry Hill and Marlton locations – it will be interesting to see how this will ultimately affect the region as the deal officially closes later this year.

With “So Amazon” inadvertently trending on Twitter as the internet reacts to the purchase, an array of yeas, nays and questions have flooded social media. Here are some of the best on Twitter so far.

There are those excited to speculate about the future...

...those who are less than thrilled by the union...

...those who have many curiosities...

...and so many other thoughts.