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March 25, 2016

As Twitter turns 10, see the first tweets of 22 influential Philadelphians

From Meek Mill to Mayor Kenney

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Philly First Tweets Photo Illustration/From Twitter

First tweets from Philadelphians.

Twitter celebrated its 10th birthday this week, prompting many to harken back to the #FirstTweet tool, launched in 2014, and rediscover what they first said on the platform.

Naturally, we took the opportunity to sleuth for the inaugural tweets of some of Philly's most recognizable people and institutions. Scroll through them below, then search through all your friends' and family's embarrassing first tweets and share them with the world.

1. Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell

Oh, Ed ...

2. Sampan owner Michael Schulson

At least it paid off.

3. Actress and comedian Kate Flannery

Time for liftoff!

4. Little Bird Bakery owner Jessica Nolen

Get it? Because she's a baker?

5. Former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker DeMeco Ryans


6. Fergie's Pub owner Fergus Carey

Fergus Carey: a man who's had his priorities straight since at least Feb. 5, 2010.

7. Rapper Meek Mill

A first tweet that wouldn't be out of place in 2016.

8. Paparazzo HughE Dillon

We've all done it.

9. Recording artist P!nk

A warm welcome to you.

10. Actor Kevin Bacon


11. Fashion designer Bela Shehu

Ours, too.

12. Philadelphia Digital Director Stephanie Waters


13. ChatterBlast Co-Founder Evan Urbania

Their muffins are pretty tasty.

14. Phillies blog Zoo with Roy

Quite the feat.

15. DJ Deejay

Do tell.

16. Diner en Blanc co-host Natanya DiBona

Oh ... oh my.

17. Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice

Well, glad we got that cleared up.

18. Cloudamize CEO Bob Moul

Yes, before there was Cloudamize or Artisan Mobile, there was Boomi. Changing times for a Philly entrepreneur!

19. William Way LGBT Community Center


20. Drexel University

Thanks for the heads up.

21. Former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

Did you wear the cap, Mayor Nutter?

22. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

Amen to that.