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February 01, 2019

Uber and Adidas team up for some backseat fitness

Introducing a fitness guide for exercise en route

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Uber, one of Philadelphia’s trusty ride sharing services, just announced it will partner with Adidas for an en route workout plan. 

The “Uber Fitness Guide was “designed to maximize riding time and ensure that your minutes in an Uber are well spent." The ridesharing company collaborated with fitness instructor Megan Roup to "create quick and effective moves that anyone can do safely in the backseat,” the announcement states.  

According to Uber, these small isometric movements — which you can see for yourself below — can sculpt and tone easily while remaining safely secured by the seat belt.

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uber fitness guide

While it’s quite considerate of Uber to provide the tools for riders to make the most of their time spent in motion, we can’t help but think how this will unfold in an UberPool, for example. Not to mention, couldn't a rider flailing around in the backseat be potentially distracting for drivers?

The follow-up questions are endless.

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