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January 23, 2016

Va. emergency dispatcher helps husband deliver baby in storm

With midwife snowed in, husband takes instructions over the phone

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Baby Frank Guido/Albumarium

A baby wakes up to a new day.

Out of all the world's possible scenarios to go into labor, the middle of a severe, blustery snowstorm is probably up there among the most dreaded for pregnant women everywhere.

At the height of this weekend's storm in Stafford County, Va., one couple frantically found themselves in this exact situation. With expected snow totals between 18-24 inches in the region, their midwife got trapped at home and suddenly husband and wife were in a predicament.

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Stafford County Sheriff's Office reported a call from the husband to the county's emergency communications center. The man explained that his wife was in labor, but they needed help.

The dispatcher sent the county fire and rescue to the residence, but by the time they arrived, a new life had been brought into the world. The dispatcher walked the husband through the process.

The names of those involved, including the baby boy, were not released. The Times-Dispatch offered a fine suggestion: Jonas.