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June 25, 2015

Hate searching for parking? Valet parking app coming to Philly

Finding parking in Philly can be a pain sometimes.

A new app making its way to the city could help, with valet parking at the push of a button.

Curtis Lee, CEO of San Francisco-based Luxe, told the Philadelphia Business Journal the company intends to launch in Philadelphia by the end of summer.

Motorists use the app to relay the location of their car to a Luxe valet driver, who then picks up the vehicle and parks it in one of the company's contracted lots for about $5 per hour.

"We are providing a service that’s beneficial to city dwellers," Lee told the Philadelphia Business Journal. "Thirty percent of traffic is accountable by people who are searching or circling for parking. Frankly, eliminating that out of the equation, that’s a big plus for any kind of city."

Luxe drivers return vehicles to the requested location within 10 to 15 minutes, and cars are traceable at all times.

Lee, a Wharton School graduate, said he hopes to eventually follow up Luxe's initial Philadelphia launch with a new designated driver option. He added that Luxe could lead to several hundred jobs in Philadelphia if successful. 

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